Befriending the Unknown Wikia

This page offers links to articles, books, poetry, websites, etc., of interest to people inquiring into positive engagement with the unknown, with mystery, with complexity...

An ‘Oríkì’ for the Times: Reflections on Wonder and Change

by Bayo Akomolafe

The Case Against Reality:  A professor of cognitive science argues that the world is nothing like the one we experience through our senses.

by David McNew / Quanta

The man who studies the spread of ignorance

How to Spark Curiosity in Children Through Embracing Uncertainty

The beauty of what we will never know

We're Doomed. Now What?

Robert Steele’s Review of "Truth – Philosophy in Transit by John D. Caputo"

"...truth in the becoming, the event, the conversation, the evolution…”

The Value of Not Understanding Everything: Grace Paley's Advice to Aspiring Writers

by Maria Popova,

How to build and use scenarios

The Field of Scenarios: fuzziness as a chance for building appealing future visions

Participative backcasting: A tool for involving stakeholders in local sustainability planning

Chapter 2: A critical review of futures methods

 Visioning: Envisioning the future - clarifying the process

Comment: A possible version of Nonviolent Communication-based visioning work

COMPLEX THOUGHT:  An Overview of Edgar Morin’s Intellectual Journey

by Alfonso Montuor

Comment:  Morin reminds us that even our best efforts in this direction themselves do not escape incompleteness, partiality, error, and illusion. Morin challenges us therefore to integrate this uncertainty and incompleteness in our knowing and being, and invites us to retain an ongoing critical self-reflection, cultivating a spirit of openness to learning from other traditions and perspectives, and also consider the embodiment of knowledge in the moment, with its inevitable uncertainties, dilemmas, and opportunities.

A poem about living with uncertainty at the leading edge

by Tom Atlee

Crisis Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities

by Tom Atlee

Some Observations Regarding a Missing Elephant  

by Donald Michael

Waking Up into Wholeness, Dialogue and Mystery

Commentaries on Donald Michael’s essay above (by Tom Atlee and Paul Ray)

Woolf's Darkness:  Embracing the Inexplicable

by Rebecca Solnit

The Island of Knowledge: How to Live with Mystery in a Culture Obsessed with Certainty and Definitive Answers

by Maria Popova

How do we find each other?

by Charles Eisenstein