Befriending the Unknown Wikia


These topics listed below are intended to become pages (active links within this wikia) where material specific to each topic is collected and discussed.  If you have material or comments on one of these topics that isn't yet an active link, please make it an active link (using the chain symbol in the edit mode) and enter your material on the page ("article") that appears. - Tom Atlee

UNDERSTANDINGS (to expand what you can know)

*  Probability (tractors, scenario work, Bell Curves, etc.)

*  Conditionality (context, relativity, Observer Phenomenon)

*  Emergence

*  Change - its ubiquity, inevitability, rhythms, textures

*  Cognitive limits (biological/neurological, cultural, scientific, philosophical)

*  Dynamic systems: Complexity science, interdependence, ecology, system dynamics

PRACTICES (to enable peace of mind and effectiveness)

*  Awe, appreciation

*  Acceptance, non-attachment, non-resistance, non-forcing (Buddhism, God’s will, Serenity Prayer)

*  Trust (allowing)

*  Intuition, dreaming, working with the unconscious

*  Shamanism

*  Oracles - I Ching, Tarot, Astrology

*  Interacting multiple viewpoints:  Dialogue, interaction among diverse entities

*  Aggregated multiple viewpoints: Prediction markets

*  Humility

*  Prudence, caution, tentativeness

*  Experimentation, pilots

*  Learn from experience and reflection

*  Observe the whole - in as many ways as you can

*  Self-knowledge - individual and collective - especially regarding limitations, assumptions, and biases - and their dynamics in us and life

*  Trust (active) - evocative trust, assumption of positivity

*  Holding space - nurturant observation and waiting

*  Self-organization - engaging in, facilitating

*  Resilience - innate capacity to recover from unexpected and/or traumatic events

*  Flexibility - adaptation to different conditions 

*  Live skillfully in Transition and Evolution

*  Metaphoric thinking - metaphors, poetry, personification, myth - match current situation with phenomena of comparable character and complexity

*  Realize - and learn to life in - some version of the deep Reality underlying all transient phenomena

*  Focus on the fundamentals of a good life at your natural scale of predictability (be here now; local; manageable) - especially in the context of any of the other practices, in order to not have surprises derail you.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious --the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. 

- Albert Einstein -